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News 2014


  • 12/2014: Congratulations to Jonas Ringholz for submitting his BSc thesis.


  • 07.11.2014:  Science Paper: "BLACK HOLE LIGHTNING DUE TO PARTICLE ACCELERATION AT SUBHORIZON SCALES" (Article, Video) and Press Release by Wuerzburg University (in German, Link)


  • 09.10.2014:  New paper "Earth and space observation at the German Antarctic Receiving Station O'Higgins" in Polar Recored (Kügel et al. 2014, Polar Record First View; Link)


  • 02.10.2014:  Highlighted paper in Astronomy & Astrophysics: "TANAMI monitoring of Centaurus A: The complex dynamics in the inner parsec of an extragalactic jet" (Müller et al. 2014, A&A 569, A115; Link)