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Modular Analysis and Reconstruction Software --
Cherenkov Observatory Edition (MARS Cheobs Ed.)

--- Category:Mars (Table of contents, alphabetic order)

For the MARS Homepage click here.

Information how to get MARS can be found in the Tutorial Analysis: Getting Started

  1. calib.root Callisto.png
  2. star.root
  3. plotdb.root
  4. sponde.root
  5. Well documented classes
  6. File contents / List of useful variables
  7. Setup a new signal extractor
  8. How to encode a shower movie?
  9. Mantis Bucktracker
  10. Version History (NEWS)
  11. Browse the CVS online.
  12. Presentations and Publications
    (see also

  1. Classes and Members Reference Guide
  2. Classes and Members Reference Guide - The Mars classes only
    (don't forget to look into the source code)
  3. Create your own documentation from the source with make dox
  5. The C++ resource network
  6. C++ - an introduction (german)
  7. General Links to Software Documentation

  1. Sensitivity
  2. Significance
  3. How to determine the range of a period?
  4. Sky catalogs
  5. Camera orientation
  6. Zenith Angle Binning
  7. Image Cleaning
  8. Image Parameters
  9. Disp Parametrization
  10. Comparison of the two Mars Versions
  11. More on regular expressionsPdficon.gif (from
  12. Some Presentations about Random Forest
  13. Random Forest by Leo Breiman
  14. Corsika User Guide

  1. Monte Carlo Simulation
  2. How to install the Magic Monte Carlo programs
  3. Monte Carlo statistics
  4. Monte Carlo: Production on Demand
  5. CORSIKA Wishlist
  6. How to use ceres?

  1. How to change CVS Access
  2. How to use CVS without password
  3. How to run CVS commands as different local user
  4. How to move a tag in CVS to a newer file version?
  5. Changes in the Wiki: WikiFixes