Vice/2 1.12:
  • A first implementation of Fullscreen support. Please send me as much information as possible so that I can improve the fullscreen support!
Vice/2 1.11:
  • No changes special to OS/2, but many bugfixes in the Vice Kernel
Vice/2 1.10:
  • Doesn't exist.
Vice/2 1.9:
  • Beside some small changes this implements 'Real PAL emulation' for OS/2. The problem with this is, that I had to change the screen access away from palette mode. I cannot gurantee that this will run on other platforms than my. So if it doesn't run on your machine it is very important to inform me about this issue!
  • Implemented some new hotkeys.
Vice/2 1.8:
  • Added dialog and menu entries to use a emulated PAL palette (Alt-I)
  • Implemented drag'n'drop for vsid mode.
  • fixed a bug in the compilation of c1541
  • Renamed c1541 to x1541
  • Added stereo support
  • Added support for 'Fast PAL Emulation' (256 Color mode)
  • Added a color dialog (like a TV set)
  • Added support for cartridges in x128
  • Changed the video/DIVE support internally (in case of problems please report!)
  • Added support for Double Size / Double Scan
  • Fixed a bug which made the emulator crash if you press '1' in the file pop-up menu
  • Fixed a bug in the asynchronous update of the xvic window
Vice/2 1.7:
  • Moved zlib and png APIs to a DLL to decrease the archive size.
  • Removed the Emulator Dialog, use Alt-+/Alt-- to change the speed.
  • Added a new file dialog with a contents window.
  • Dragging a file to the Vice Window now autostarts the file.
  • Added autostart option to menu.
  • Added cartridge support to menu.
  • Added missing resources to menus.
  • Added popup menu (switch off menu bar, press mouse button 2).
  • Make menu bar switchable.
  • Removed hardware dialog.
  • Removed sound dialog.
  • Added help system.
  • Changed hotkeys from scancode to Accelerator Table.
  • Changed layout of About Dialog.
  • The speed is now displayed in the titlebar.
Vice/2 1.6:
  • changed x64-icon
  • made icon visible as 'minimized icons'
  • added menu bar
  • changed default border style
  • now the display is updated in paused or monitor mode, too
  • added the missing datasette control to the datasette dialog (Alt-C)
  • added a new dialog for hardware settings (Alt-H)
  • sounddev "dart2" enabled. necessary for vsid-mode. It has the possibility to adjust emulator speed from sound output.
  • basic sid-player support (-vsid) added
  • basic snapshot support added (emulator dialog, ALt-N).
  • x128: 40/80 col key is now mapped to F11, too
  • x128: palette of VDC window is now set correctly
  • CBM Restore Key is now mapped to F12
  • readonly option added to drive dialog
  • directory path added to drive dialog
  • Video Standard (PAL/NTSC) moved to hardware dialog.
  • added REU to hardware dialog
  • added memory extension resource to drive dialog
  • now only valid drives are displayed for usage in the drive dialog
  • switched to lpng 1.08
  • changed some output spin fields to text fields (eg. emulator speed)
  • now all keys are available if not pressed together with ALT
Vice/2 1.5:
  • Joystick support working again.
  • The monitor works again.
  • Vice should now work with older dive.dll, too.
  • Added base support for keyboard mapping files (os2.vkm).
  • Added screenshot support.
  • Fixed the awful synchonisation.
  • Speed up the shutdown.
Vice/2 1.4:
  • C128, CBM/2, VIC20 and PET keyboard layout fixed.
  • some smaller bugfixes.
  • mouse support added.
  • window position is now written to the cfg-file.
  • now more than one emulation can be run at the same time.
  • the commandline, contents and monitor windows are resizable now.
Vice/2 1.3:
  • C128, CBM/2, VIC20 and PET-Emulation added.
  • added emulator (Alt-E) setup dialog.
  • added datasette (Alt-C) dialog.
  • menu support enhanced.
  • install-script (install.cmd) now available.
  • using zipped images should now work corractly.
  • commandline option for window border type added.
  • status information moved to dialog windows.
  • status window removed.
Vice/2 1.2:
  • added joystick setup dialog.
  • added drive setup dialog.
  • added sound setup dialog.
  • added 'About Vice...' dialog.
  • added dialog to have a look into a disk image.
  • sound should be thread safe now.
  • solved a problem with a timer overflow.
Vice/2 1.1.20:
  • added FileDialog for tape attachments.
  • solved problems with floating point exceptions during sound output.
Vice/2 1.1.15:
  • first release for OS/2.

VICE is the VersatIle Commodore Emulator, done by the Vice-Team. The OS/2 port is done by Thomas Bretz.