VICE/2 - Commandline!

The OS/2 port of VICE is done by Thomas Bretz

-stretch <number>    Try 2, 3, 4, ... You'll get a bigger graphic-window, streched by this factor.
-menu    Display menu bar. <DEFAULT>
+menu    Hide menu bar.
-border <number>    Specify window border type (1=small, 2=dialog, else=no border)
-joy[1,2]cal    Start auto calibration for joystick #[1,2] immediatly after startup
-joydev[1,2] Connect a device as joystick to port #1 (-joydev1) or port #2 (-joydev2).
  • 0: Nothing.
  • 1: PC-Joystick #1
  • 2: PC-Joystick #2
  • 4: Numeric Keyboard (NumPad)
  • 8: Key set 1
  • 16: Key set 2
  • -hidemouseptr If mouse support is enabled (-mouse) hide OS/2 mouse pointer inside the emulation window.

    Further commandline-options see Vice-manual.

    If you have ideas, suggestions, bug reports or something linke this, please feal free to contact me.